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If you are reading this post then by coming to our website you have made the first step in reaching your goals. Often the hardest part is accepting and making the decision that you need a change and then asking for help in order to make this change. We as humans hate change, so will stay in the same boring routine as we see it as too much hard work to get out of the position we’re in, no matter how much we hate it. However, for the people that take the jump and step out of their comfort zone, these are the people that go on to achieve everything they’ve ever aimed for, the goals they’ve set themselves, whilst the rest of us stay the same as time goes by. Which one would you rather be??

At CFE we know that we are the change that you need and the change what our current members needed, and we know that every one of our members would agree with this. Before CrossFit we were stuck in the same rut as a million other people. Still doing the same routine and classes at the gym, seeing no change, having no motivation, achieving nothing and watching our goals disappear or not even start. CrossFit changed that for us, and has changed that for every one of our members that walks through our doors each day, WANTING to come to us. This is the difference.

Change is in YOUR hands. Achieving your goals is in YOUR hands. However, without sounding cheesy, we at CFE are like the other hand to take you through this change and to guarantee you achieve everything you set for yourself. Make the change or stay in your comfort zone? This is the million dollar question, and it’s your choice to make.

At CFE we have a great amount of experience achieving every goal you can think of, from losing weight (one of our members lost an unbelievable 30kg in less than a year), gaining good weight (one of our members decreased their body fat by 8% but increased their muscle mass, making them the same weight on scales but physically a million times better), training for competition or for a specific sport (we’ve trained rowers, runners, swimmers, cyclists, football and rugby players) who used and still use our coaching and programming to improve their performance in their chosen sport. We could go on and on with this list but it’s to make you aware that whatever your goal is, we have helped someone achieve that same goal and we would love to do the same for you.

So, if you decide that it’s time for change then what are the ways CFE can help you. Well we¬† have found that the best way to achieve your goals is either through Group class coaching, 1:1/1:2 Introduction to CrossFit Sessions and 1:1/1:2 Private Coaching.

Our Introduction to CrossFit Sessions are designed to take you step by step through all the movements performed in our Group Classes in order to make the transition into joining our Group Classes as smooth as possible.

Our Private Coaching Sessions are designed with a specific goal in mind. Do you want to lose weight, gain weight, increase strength, improve your conditioning and endurance, improve your flexibility and mobility?? You tell us, then we make tailored programmes around your goals as well as setting out a detailed goal setting plan to keep you on track.

Please see our Prices page where you will find the options and prices of both the Introduction to CrossFit Sessions and Private Coaching Sessions. Then please send us a quick message through our contact us page, even if just to register your interest and we can can keep you updated on any upcoming classes or courses that you may be interested in.

In life you get what you pay for. We know we provide the best quality of coaching ever seen in Enniskillen and Fermanagh, we are the best at what we do. This is the difference between us and everybody else, and our members achievements are proof of this.

We hope to hear from you soon

CrossFit Enniskillen Training Team